Pembroke Ents: one of the best aspects of Pembroke College is the social life. The Junior Parlour Committee (JPC) arranges a variety of Ents throughout the year.

Pembroke is a lively college with a good reputation as a group of outgoing and friendly people around town. Yet even with all the events going on around Cambridge, we still find time to have our own events - called ents. The busiest time for this is freshers' week, when almost every day there'll be something organized to welcome the new students to Pem. But it doesn't stop there, at the start and end of terms we have Pembroke bops, organized by the Junior Parlour Committee (JPC), which are crowded, hot, and nonetheless fantastic parties held in Pem bar and cellars. Most of the college, from all undergraduate years, come to the bops, so it's a great opportunity to meet new people and take embarrassing photos of each other in ridiculous costumes. The theme of the bop changes each time, but the infamous bop cocktails and cheesy DJ are a constant favourite.

These events are organized by the JPC Ents Officer, who is elected yearly from the Pembroke student body. In addition to bops and ents organized by the JPC, there are hundreds of events going on in and around Pembroke every term. Most of the societies at Pembroke have their own events and sports teams often have cocktail nights and socials, the music society have recitals each week, and the drama scene is rich with performances from our own Pembroke Players and outside groups. On top of all this, formal hall at Pem is very popular - as you'd expect seeing as it's a three or four course waited meal for only nine pounds. Most societies will also have formals they organize for everyone from that group to meet up, and there are special formals throughout the year, such as at Halloween and Christmas.

We send out information about all upcoming events by email, on the Pembroke Ents Facebook Group and anyone can always find posters advertising Pembroke events all over college and especially in the bar. Pembroke's a great place for events of all kinds, from film nights to karaoke, punting on the cam to dancing at the bops, so there's definitely something for everyone.

If you have any questions about anything Ents related feel free to email the current Ents officer, Milly Parry, at jp-ents@pem.cam.ac.uk.

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