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The Noughties - 1st Lent BOP

[Fun fact: many freshers were actually born this century, this millennium, in the year 2000 (don't worry 3rd years, you're not quite ancient *just* yet)]

Come and prove your youth by dancing the night away to noughties hits in clashing fabric combinations only the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney dared to wear. So, whether you're Crazy in Love or one of the Single Ladies, as long as your Hips Don't Lie, then I Gotta Feeling you'll wanna be In Da Club to Drop It Like It's Hot at this BOP

What are you waiting for, let's Get the Party Started ;) !!
£5 Pem drinkers, £2 Pem non-drinkers, both on the door
CamCard REQUIRED for student entry!
£7 Guest (NON-PEMBROKE) tickets available online
Most likely in N7. Please use it for any reason. It will be clearly signposted, with sober welfare officers, food and water.
If you've got any questions (or friends seeing this then just any reason for some attention pls) then feel free to contact Will Kirby on or on Facebook!