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Hoedown Throwdown - 1st Michaelmas BOP

Yeeeee to the haw, and we're back!

It's Freshers BOP time, the event that is second only to matric (but only because without it you wouldn't be able to come to BOP). And this time round we're taking some inspo from the og blonde bombshell herself, none other than Hannah Montana ofc.

So why don't you saddle on up, but leave the horses in the back (they'd make a right mess inside) and shuffle in diagonal on down to the JP
£5 Pem drinkers, £2 Pem non-drinkers, both on the door
CamCard REQUIRED for student entry!
£7 Guest (NON-PEMBROKE) tickets available online
Most likely in N7. Please use it for any reason. It will be clearly signposted, with sober welfare officers, food and water.
If you've got any questions (or friends seeing this then just any reason for some attention pls) then feel free to contact Will Kirby on or on Facebook!