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College Food

Eating in Pembroke is great! Visit the Catering website here.

The current Food Officer is Kate Goodrum, and the JP and Bar Officer is Andrei Kanavalau. Get in touch with complaints, compliments and suggestions concerning food and drink in college.

The Buttery

Buttery times are:

  • Breakfast  8:00-10:00    Mon-Sat
  • Lunch    11:45-13:45  Mon-Fri
  • Dinner  17:45-18:45  Mon-Sun
  • Brunch  10:00-13:15  Sat-Sun

Cafe Pembroke

Cafe Pembroke has been around since 2006/7.  Open every 10.30am - 18.00pm Weekdays, the Cafe serves hot drinks, paninis, sandwiches and cakes in a cosy coffee shop atmostphere.  Pembroke Students get a discount with their swipe cards.  It is much much cheaper than Starbucks.  All coffee and tea is now free trade so you can have a guilt free cuppa as well.

Formal Hall

Formal Hall is served every night at Pembroke starting at 7.30pm in Hall. College members must wear gowns and the dress is suits or a formal dress.  You can bring one bottle of wine each into Formal

Our catering manager, David Harwood, has a blog, Under Pressure At Pembroke , on which you can find menus and pictures of dishes for upcoming formal halls.

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