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College Families are a part-welfare, part-social phenomenon common across many Cambridge Colleges. Naturally, at Pembroke we like to think we do them particularly well. They will be among your first groups of friends and support networks in Freshers Week, and for many will continue as strong bonds thoughout your time here. Families have two 'family nights' during Freshers' Week, the first Sunday and Friday. 

The College Families are put together by the Welfare Officer to group fresher 'children' and other student 'parents' into, hopefully, like-minded groups. Families tend to have around four 'Children' and four+ 'Parents', but these numbers are fairly variable! An email will be sent out at the end of August with a short questionnaire so that we can try to match you with parents who have similar interests!

We primarily match families based on the family forms you fill out, and whilst we take some consideration for subjects they are not academic in the slightest. You will be put into families the week before Freshers' Week, and should be contacted by the Friday before you arrive (Friday the 30th of September).

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