Freshers' FAQ

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by incoming Freshers. If your question isn't listed here, or sufficiently answered, please do get in touch!

Q: When can we move in?

A: The official move in days are Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of October. The Saturday move-in option is there for those who want some time to settle in and get set-up before Freshers' Week begins officially on Sunday afternoon.

Q: Where and when can I buy a gown?

A: You can buy gowns from the Porter's Lodge if you're organised and ask on the Sunday of move-in. These will be second hand but in good condition. If not, several shops in Cambridge sell them first hand. Ryder and Ames is a good bet, just make sure you ask for a standard undergraduate gown. These will be in the region of £30-£40, or £60 for a first-hand gown.

Q: Can we hang posters in our rooms?

A: College doesn't allow blue-tack on walls, but certain white-tacks have been allowed, and poster hangers can be borrowed from housekeeping for free. Surfaces other than walls are completely fair game for posters and blue-tack!

Q: Can we bring pets to College?

A: Sadly you can't bring pets, but College does have a College cat you can attempt to win over. 

Q: I don't feel like I deserve to be at Cambridge, did they make a mistake?

A: This feeling is incredibly common, and will fade quickly. The short answer is no, they didn't make a mistake! Don't stress, and before you know it you'll shake that imposter syndrome.

Q: Should I buy a Freshers' Week deal from a group / promoter?

A: There's nothing to stop you, but you're unlikely to get the value out of it. The Freshers' Week timetable doesn't follow one particular company around, and the best deals will generally either be through the JPC or promoters on the night, rather than pre-bought deals.

Q: Are there kettles and/or fridges in our rooms?

A: There are neither kettles nor fridges provided in student rooms, although all gyp rooms (the shared kitchens) have fridges, and most have kettles. Bringing your own kettle is advised, but you're not allowed personal fridges sadly. You'll just have to risk socialising if you want some milk in your tea...

Q: What can we make in our kitchens?

A: The kitches are outfitted for very little cooking - there are no ovens in first year accomodation. Hobs / hot plates can boil water, so pasta etc. is fine, but frying pans are banned... It's weird, but something we have to live with. So snacks are fine, full on meals are much trickier.

Q: It's taking so long for College to tell us everything we need to know! Can you speed this up?

A: College tend to work at their own pace, and actually leave a lot of the information for you to find out for yourselves. The JPC can help with any questions you have, a lot is already on this website, as are Subject Reps, College Parents, etc. Never hesitate to get in touch.

Q: Will I fit in at Pembroke?

A: Easily. Pembroke is a welcoming and diverse College, and you'll quickly settle into your home-away-from-home.

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