Freshers' Week

Freshers' Week at Cambridge is rather unlike Freshers' Week at most other universities. Firstly, some will tell you that it's really more like a "Freshers' Four Days", as lectures do start on the Thursday. This said, the JPC continue to run events through the first week, albeit with a consideration for lectures. Freshers' Week officially runs from Sunday to Sunday - this year the dates are Sunday the 2nd to Sunday the 9th of October. Saturday the 1st, as detailed on the 'move in' page, is an orientation / move-in day only. The JPC organise a timetable of events, which range this year from a live music night to a silent disco, with calmer events such as welcome picnics and pub quizzes interspersed. The week culminates with BOP, the college party at the start and end of every term, which always promises to be a night to not remember. Attached is the current draft of the Freshers' Week timetable - do take a look but remember things may change.

Freshers' Week Timetable 2017 - Draft

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