This year, all Freshers may opt to arrive on Saturday the 1st of October, one day earlier than the traditional Sunday move-in. This new arrival date has been introduced by the JPC to cater for anyone who would like more time to settle in. Whilst Freshers’ Week proper begins on Sunday the 2nd, arriving a day earlier can help with shopping for supplies, getting oriented, setting up your room, etc. The JPC will be running orientation events such as walking tours, and we would encourage anyone to come who would like a more relaxed start to Freshers’ Week. If you wish to arrive on this Saturday, please contact the Rooms Tutor and Registrar, Dr Becky Coombs (, and copy in the President of the JPC ( More details as to the orientation activities on the Saturday will be announced soon.

Arriving At Pembroke - PDF guide to moving in.

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