Ethical Food

The Pembroke Catering Website provides detailed information on the ethical/environmental standards maintained, and when they were brought into effect. Visit here

Fair Trade

Pembroke was one of the first Cambridge colleges to become Fairtrade accredited. This means that we do our best to have Fair Trade products available to students as much as possible, and Fair Trade products are used in all meetings held within college.

Each year there will be several formal halls where all the food is either Fair Trade, locally produced, or from a sustainable source. If there's any Fair Trade food you'd like to see in college or have any idea for a Fair Trade event then please let me know.

The Fairtrade Foundation website has lots more information and ways to get involved.

Local and Seasonal Foods

Pembroke aims to buy food when it's in season. This means it can be bought locally and help reduce the air miles associated with the 95% of fruit and 50% of vegetables eaten in the UK which are brought in from abroad. If all foods were sourced from within 20km of where they were consumed, the country would save £2.1bn! Remember this when you are buying your own fruit and veg – check to see where it was grown.

Vegetarian / Vegan

Pembroke has a large selection of vegetarian and vegan food. You can get a vegetarian option for Formal Hall and there's always a vegetarian main meal option in trough. Trough also has a vegan tapas bar and at brunch there's always plenty of vegetarian options. A vegetarian diet is better for the environment as a lot more of the energy taken in by a plant is put down as biomass than in an animal. The carbon emitted in producing a vegetarian meal is therefore less than producing a meat meal.  Please see my Top Tips (under the trough section).

Sustainable Fish

Trough does not sell endangered species of fish and tries to source all seafood from sustainable or MSC certified fisheries. This helps keep stock levels balanced and stop the disruption of sea food chains.

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