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Hello! I'm Antonia, one of the two Access Officers in Pembroke. 
Access Officers do their best to make Pembroke and Cambridge welcoming and accessible to everyone. We want to ensure that no one is stopped from applying because they are from a non-traditional background and to break down any stereotypes surrounding this university - because in real life it is a wonderful place with an amazing mix of people from all backgrounds.
Throughout the year we run many events, including tours for students from our link-areas, the shadowing scheme - when Sixth Form students can experience what life as a student here looks like by staying here for a few days, and Open Days. We also want to ensure that you can find all the useful information online, through the Alternative Prospectus - a guide to Cambridge life written by students, information on the website and soon will be creating 'a day in a life of' vlogs and a virtual tour around the college videos. In college, we also try to promote Access activities and raise awareness about access-related issues by running Access Forums that everyone can attend. 
If you are a potential applicant or a student and have any concerns of questions, or would like to get involved, please do get in touch:, we'd love to hear from you!



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