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Hi! My name is Amber and I’m one of the two Access Officers at Pembroke.

Our job is all about making sure Pembroke is an open and welcoming College. There are plenty of myths around about what sorts of people are ‘Cambridge material’ and these can be off-putting when you are thinking of applying or even waiting to start your studies here. The truth is that there is no one type of Cambridge student, and the university is a richer environment thanks to the varied backgrounds of its students.

The Access team puts on a number of events throughout the year to encourage people from non-traditional Cambridge backgrounds to visit College and see what it has to offer. These events include two shadowing schemes, where prospective students come to Cambridge and spend a few days experiencing the life of a Pembroke student (from an academic and social perspective!), Open Days and more.

Within College, we try to raise awareness about Access issues and get as many current students involved as possible. I think this is really important as many Pembroke students have different perspectives on the experiences of application, arrival and beyond, and we should be embracing and sharing these experiences so that future students can be as informed and assured as possible!

If you have any questions or suggestions about the work of the Access team, Access events or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at – especially if there’s a Cambridge myth that you would like debunked! We are always happy to hear from you and help in whatever way we can.

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