JP Constitution

The constitution of Pembroke Junior Parlour explains how the JP works. It also sets out how the JPC is run, and what its duties are. It was last changed substantially in Lent 2006.

JP Constitution (2017) The newest, formatted version of the constitution, as compiled by Z B Barros and O Hulme

JP Constitution (2014)  as compiled by S Willis and P Kirkham.

JP Constitution (2012) as compiled by R Stockwell and O Budd.

JP Constitution (2010)  as compiled by A de Berker and C Ramsden.

JP Constitution (2008) This version has no constitutional changes from the constitution drawn up in 2006, but is simply corrected and re-typeset by A.C. Norman.

JP Constitution (2006) Incorporates changes made in the Lent term, 2006.

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