Election manifestos on the JP notice board in February 2008


Posts for Election

In the second half of the Michaelmas Term, the following posts are elected:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • IT & Communications Officer
  • Ents Officer
  • Food and Bar Officer
  • Publications Officer
  • Junior Access Officer

In the second half of the Lent Term, the following posts are elected:

  • Vice President
  • Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Green Officer
  • Hostels Officer
  • Junior Access Officer
  • Charities Officer
  • Sports Officer

The Welfare and Equal Opportunities Committee, also full JPC roles, are also elected at the same time. The posts are:

  • Men's Officer
  • Women's Officer
  • LBGT Officer
  • Ethnic Minorities Officer
  • International Students Officer
  • Disabilities Officer

Regulations for Elections

JPC Elections are governed by section 13 of the JP Constitution.A summary of regulations are as follows:

  • Any full member of the JP may stand for a post.  Candidates for positions should be in statu pupillari for the entire period of their term in office
  • All elections are conducted by secret ballot online. Votes are counted and results decided using the single transferable voting system.
  • No candidate may stand for more than one post.
  • In every election, RON (Re-Open Nominations) will also be a candidate. Voting for RON indicates that the voter does not think any candidates are acceptable. If RON wins an election, nominations will be reopened and a new election called for that post.
  • The JP President normally will act as the Returning Officer for the election
  • All Candidates must inform the Returning Officer of their intention to stand by email and by placing a one page manifesto on the JP Noticeboard outside the Junior Parlour.
  • The manifesto must bear a photograph of the candidate and be signed by a proposer and seconder. Any full member of the JP may propose or second a candidate, excepting their own post in the case of the JPC.
  • The manifesto is the only form of canvassing other than spoken canvassing allowed.


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