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Hi, I’m George and I’m the food officer.

As your food officer, I’m responsible for making sure your opinions about food at Pembroke are relayed to the catering staff. If you haven’t already, join ‘Pembroke Food for Thought’ on Facebook, where students comment post concerns and compliments about their food experience here for me to take forward. If you don’t have Facebook, you can also email me at

For information about what will be on the menu for both ‘trough’ (everyday eating) and formals, you can also visit the catering department’s blog, Under Pressure at Pembroke ( For those who prefer to cook their own food, we also have a FB group ‘When in Valencia’ where students can share recipes.

Finally, I’ll be organising charity formals throughout term. In previous years we have had a number of exciting special formals – feel free to contact me if you have any you’d like to suggest!


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