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Hi I'm Tek and your IT officer!


I'm responsible for building and maintaining this website and advising the JPC on matters relating to IT. I believe communication is key to making sure the JPC can represent your views effectively and as part of my role, I run the bi-weekly newsletters to inform you of all the happenings in college and opportunities you can take advantage of.


I also manage the Pembroke undergraduate mailing list and vet bulk emails to pem-ug so hopefully you'll find your mailbox with a little less spam despite signing up to 283 societies at Freshers' Fair.


I can provide technical advice (or should I say, "tek"nical advice), if you encounter any problems, and act as a point of contact to the IT helpdesk for more comprehensive support.


If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to email me (tkc26), message me on Facebook, tap Morse codes on my window, or if all these options don't satisfy you, egg me next time the Wi-Fi goes down… 

This Website is maintained by the Pembroke JPC IT Officer.

The initial design was built by Vikash Patel.

Cover Photo Credits: Alex Łyszkowski  

Special Thanks to Chris

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