Below are some of the JPC's policies

Food and Bar

The JPC is currently working to increase the variety of options in both the food and bar areas while keeping prices reasonable. This is being done with certain needs in mind, such as special dietary requirements and out-of-hours meal provision. The JPC is also looking at how to make the best use of the TV room and the JP area.


The Vice President is looking into sponsorship opportunities for the JPC. Sponsorship money would supplement the funds given to the JPC by the College for the JPC’s operations and for allocation amongst societies and sports teams. The JPC are in a position to offer a great deal to companies in terms of publicity and profile, so it is hoped that a meaningful partnership will be formed.

Taxi scheme

Following lobbying by the JPC, the college has now been running a taxi scheme successfully for several years. The scheme ensures that no junior member has to walk home from College to their hostel late at night on their own. For further details, see the relevant page of the College website: http://www.pem.cam.ac.uk/current-students/welfare/taxi-voucher-scheme/

College Fines

To guard against arbitrary punishment, the JPC encouraged the college to publish a tariff of incident-related fines, which has been in place for some years. The scheme is reviewed annually at a meeting with Junior and Graduate Parlour representation. The College are currently (Summer, 2015) in the process of clarifying the text and procedures of fine levels. The tariff can be found on the College website: http://www.pem.cam.ac.uk/students/tutorial/rules/fines/

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