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Hello! My name is Isaac Wilkinson and I'm the President of the JPC.

As President, I represent the student body for the College, and can act as the bridge between the two groups, alongside encouraging the other JPC officers to fulfil their roles. This is done, with plenty of help, in numerous jobs, such as holding an ex-officio place on the 1347 committee, organise JPC meetings covering all respective issues, and attend various College meetings. I also represent Pembroke at CUSU meetings alongside the Vice President to represent Pembroke students in wider University issues.

In extending the communications between the JPC and the undergraduate students of Pembroke, I hold PMQs - President's Midweekly Questions - a relaxed open time from 9-10AM from Monday to Friday over breakfast in trough, (the college Food area) where people can come and talk to me about any College specific issues or worries they feel the JPC could help with. Feel free to come visit, or send me an email or Facebook message!

The time spent at University is incredibly special and important, and as such I persistently aim to improve college life as much as is feasibly possible. Uni is a prime time for any individual to grow, and where the JPC can, we intend to aid that by ensuring College life in Pembroke is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


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