Welfare Officer

The incumbent Welfare Officer is Eliza Dickinson.


Hi, I’m Eliza and I’m the Welfare Officer!

Living at university can be a very overwhelming experience, so the Welfare team is here to make sure that you are coping, and that you have everything you need. If you have any questions or problems during your time at Pembroke, or even if you just need a cup of tea and a chat, I'm here to listen free of judgement. You can contact me by email at any time (jp-welfare@pem.cam.ac.uk).

There are a number of welfare events at college such as alternative study spaces and zumba. Exam term can also be stressful, so we'll be hosting a picnic and organising chilled gatherings so you can relax.

Your welfare is really important and if you have any other ideas of events you’d enjoy or find helpful please let me know!

Sexual health is also very important! There are supplies in my pidge, including condoms and dental dams.


We've compiled a list of some key contacts:


COLLEGE NURSE - Jan Brighting, jan.brighting@pem.cam.ac.uk

PORTERS - 01223338100

COLLEGE COUNSELLOR - Loraine Gelsthorpe, lrg10@cam.ac.uk

SENIOR TUTOR - Dan Tucker, Senior.Tutor@pem.cam.ac.uk


UNIVERSITY COUNSELLING SERVICE - if you need to talk to a trained professional

STUDENT UNION ADVICE SERVICE - very helpful for confidential advice

CAMBRIDGE RAPE CRISIS CENTRE - offers support and counselling

LIME TREE CLINIC - free sexual health services, including testing and emergency contraception



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