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The Committee is a group of 10-12 students across all years who act as the College’s bridge between the current students and the Alumni network. We are responsible for arranging the Pembroke Mile, a fundraising run held each October between the Pembroke Pitches and College, followed by a superb brunch! Recently, we have invited Alumni who have gone on to non-mainstream careers to come and talk to students about their experiences and what has led to their career path. Committee members are present at most College events, such as Alumni Dinners, garden parties and lectures. 

Committee members are recruited when they are in First Year and the application process involves informal get-togethers with present members. The 1347 Committee is a great thing to be involved with if you would like an understanding of how the College works on a wider scale and a great opportunity to meet interesting and successful Alumni.

We will be having a Freshers’ drinks party in Michaelmas but please contact Adam Barker if you have any questions (ajb294@cam.ac.uk).

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