Subject Representatives (see below for subject letters)

The ‘subject rep’ role is neither an official welfare or academic role; however, it can be valuable if done properly. As such, there are several things which all subject reps are expected to do. Duties:

  • Welcome letter to Freshers (to go in JPC fresher packs).
  • Organise Subject Lunch in Freshers’ Week.
  • Be particularly available in the first few weeks of Michaelmas to help Freshers with difficulties settling into their new subject.
  • Be available to provide support throughout the year, and aware of where to direct students needed further assistance.
  • Help with difficulties accessing revision and study materials and, where appropriate, revision and exam techniques.

None of this is intended to take large amounts of time - Directors of Studies and Tutors are officially there from College, and the JPC has a full welfare team to help. The main purpose of the Subject Reps should be as a link between the various resources, College and University, that are already there.

The current Subject Reps., and their CRSIDs, are: 

  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic
  • Architecture - Aman Sahota, as2573
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies - John McLeod,
  • Classics - Poppy McLean, pm554
  • Computer Science - Jamie Fox, jf549
  • Economics - Charlotte Pearson, cep61
  • Engineering - Mrinank Sharma, 
  • English: Phil Gull and Joanna Taylor, prtg2, jt613
  • History - Hannah Brown and Eliza Dickinson, hb467, ed463
  • History of Art - Cora Chalaby, ctc42
  • Human, Social, and Political Sciences - Leila Senegri and Evie Aspinall, ls704, eba22
  • Land Economy - Pedro Ornelas, jpclo2
  • Law - Leila Cazaly, lc651
  • Linguistics - Charlie Thorpe, ct496
  • Mathematics - Harry Roberts, hsr25
  • Medicine - Nicola Elliott, nje28
  • Modern and Medieval Languages - Lucy D'Urso, lid23
  • Music - Ben Smith, bts30
  • Natural Sciences (biological) - Ben Mortishire-Smith and Ellie Hunt, bm491, ee289 
  • Philosophy - Demi Cole, dc632
  • Psychological and Behavioural Sciences - Sophie Naddell, sn453
  • Theology and Religious Studies -
  • Veterinary Medicine - Claudia Welbourn-Green, clw73

Subject Letters

Each Subject Rep. writes a subject letter for the incoming Freshers. This years letters are displayed below:

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