A certain amount of stress will help us perform to the best of our ability, however it is not good to allow yourself to get into a state where you cannot function as this will not help especially during exam term.




Believe in yourself - You wouldn't have been given a place on the course if you didn't have the ability to do it.

Be realistic - Success is wonderful, by all means aim high. But keep things in balance. Aim to do your best and for yourself, rather than for friends or your parents.

Take steps to overcome problems - Don't battle on alone, get help from a tutor if you don't understand a topic. Psychological and counselling services are available at the UCS or more locally through college - see the posters in the kitchens.

Don't keep things bottled up - Confiding in someone you trust and who will be supportive is a great way of alleviating stress and worry.

Keep things in perspective - The exams might seem like the most crucial thing right now, but in the grander scheme of your whole life they are only a small part.

If nothing seems to be helping - Some people find that despite all their best efforts, anxiety levels simply keep on rising. Try taking a complete break for a couple of days. If this doesn't help, see your doctor to discuss possible medication to help calm the anxiety.




Each year, representatives for each subject write letters to students in the years below them imparting whatever gems of wisdom they might have gained from their own experiences and offering informal, friendly advice about exams and revision at Pembroke.

Links to each of these letters can be found on the college website here: http://www.pem.cam.ac.uk/current-students/study-support/study-advice/stu... You can also contact your subject reps at any time if you want to talk about anything!

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