Sexual Health

Contraception and Sexual Health Supplies

Pembroke is part of CUSU’s sexual health scheme, which gives students access to FREE condoms and sexual health advice from a variety of points around Cambridge. These can be collected from points in College, including the Weflare Officer, Men's, LGBT+, and Women's Officers, and a free vending machine in the Nurse's waiting room (ground floor, G Staircase, Red Buildings)

  • Condoms - latex-free and vegan options available 
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Lubricant sachet 
  • Dental dams, flavoured 
  • Dental dams, non-latex 
  • Latex gloves 

Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception can be gained free of charge from your GP, from the Nurse's office in G10, or the Family Planning Clinic (Auckland Road, Tel 533320), or over the counter at a pharmacy for £20.

Pregnancy Tests 

Pregnancy Tests are available free from the Welfare and Women's Officers pigeonholes. Please read the instructions carefully.

Contraception and Sexual Health Screening

See the iCash website for more information.

Lime Tree Clinic 

This is fairly far from Pembroke and drop-ins tend to fill very quickly, so appointments are advised.

351 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 3DF 

0300 300 3030

Woodlands Clinic 

This is much nearer but has a 2 day booking rule and only runs sexual health services on Wednesdays, so phone them by Monday morning to book in. 

48-49 Bateman St, CB2 1LR

01223 697600 


This is about the same distance as the Lime Tree Clinic and, importantly, offers instant HIV testing and support as well as other sexual health screenings. They also have fantastic information on their website and very friendly staff (the others might also but have no experience with them). 

Office B, Dales Brewery, Gwydir St, CB1 2LJ 

01223 508808

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