LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Sexual and Gender Minorities)

Hi there! I'm Oscar Ridout and I'm Pembroke's LGBT+ Welfare Officer.

I can be contacted by email (, pigeonhole, Facebook or simply around college. We can have a chat or you can remain anonymous – whichever suits you best.

Social events such as Pembroke’s LGBT+ drinks and swaps with other colleges are advertised on the mailing list, which I can add you to (your anonymity and safety is guaranteed). Just send me an e-mail and I can add you to the list. Within Pembroke we also have a Facebook group (set to Secret privacy settings, so that only those in the group know who else is). The CUSU campaign has its own mailing list (and facebook page), with details of weekly events that are happening around Cambridge (such as the weekly LGBT+ club night). For details, see below.

The CUSU LGBT+ cross-college ‘Family Scheme’ is a great way to make friends when you first arrive at Cambridge (whether you are ‘out’ or not) so feel free to sign up to this. However, Pembroke, Peterhouse and Queen’s run a separate scheme (which seemed to work out more efficiently last year), and details will be sent out to all undergraduates.

If you are a Prospective student and would like to hear more before applying, please do feel free to get in touch by email. Pembroke welcomes everyone.


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